backroundThellong Development Services is a 100% owned BEE Company. The company was established in 2005 with a view to provide unique services in the Engineering sector and to challenge established Engineering companies with regard to expertise and capital growth in medium to long term.

Our principal business is to provide quality engineering consulting and construction services in various engineering fields (i.e. civil works, building, mechanical and project management).

Our experience has seen the company qualifying for a CIDB Grading of 6CEPE, 6GBPE and 4MEPE.

The company was formed to provide superior engineering expertise in development initiatives in both public and private sectors.

The company specializes in providing Consulting Engineering Services, Engineering Construction and Infrastructure Development for Commercial and Residential Sectors as well as Project and Program Management.

The company comprises of qualified previously disadvantaged individuals, who have worked under established consulting firms, construction companies and the public sector on major projects for many years.

Our company has links with established companies to provide additional capacity and exchange of expertise with regard to projects in order to provide the best available deliverables to our clients.