constructionThellong Development Services covers public and private housing, public buildings such as hospitals and schools, commercial and industrial buildings, and infrastructure such as roads, bridges and power plants.

We repair, maintain and refurbish existing buildings and install services such as power and ventilation in new and existing buildings.

Our construction and building services cover the entire spectrum of project initiation to commissioning.

We are focused on building a reputation for technical excellence, innovation and provision of excellent quality service to our clients.

Our qualified and experienced staff enable us to offer services in Construction Works of all Civil and Structural Projects, currently our CIDB grading is 6CEPE, 6GBPE and 4MEPE.



List of Construction Services

Construction of all Civil and Structural Projects

  • Stadia
  • Roads
  • Concrete Dams
  • Buidings
  • Bridges
  • Airport Runways
  • Harbours

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Water and Sanitation Services

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