2The main objectives

  • – Increase flexibility in skills and abilities
  • – More productive than work groups with individual mindset
  • – More beneficial in times of organizational change
  • – Focuses on group goals to accomplish more beneficial tasks
  • – Improved range of team building objectives such as collaboration, communication and increased creative or flexible thinking

The purpose for choosing these games

  • – Establish clear and inspiring team goals
  • – Maintain a results-oriented team structure
  • – Assemble competent team members
  • – Strive for unified commitment
  • – Provide a collaborative climate
  • – Furnish external support and recognition
  • – Apply principle leadership

Vote of Thanks

Special thanks to our CEO Mr William Mothei to see the need for us to have such an exercise and also to the Administration Team for their hard work in preparing and organizing. Finally to all our staff members for making time.